Maximum No of people doing handshake at KhodhalDham,kagwad.Rajkot,Gujrat,INDIA.

Maximum No of people doing handshake at KhodhalDham, kagwad.Rajkot,Gujrat,INDIA.

(We did it)

3:45 am 21st Jan 2012

First of all thanks to KhodhalDham trust for giving us the opportunity of doing something special for patel community welfare.On 21st Jan 2012 a new Guinness World Record of most no. people doing handshake in khodhaldham,Kagwad was created.

We were given the responsibility for providing flawless system for counting,managing and streaming live, couples entries as per Guinness World Record norms.Here I would like to share some tense,sometimes light and sometimes funny events that unfolded in those 4 and half hours while counting was going on.

I was project head there,from my company,Our CEO Mr. Alpesh Patel could not resist the temptation for attending this event,so he missed his flight quit happily(to Bombay,for Electrorama Exhibition).Our team reached there on 20th Jan 2012.We started installation and started test run.Around mid night we were ready for D-day.At 4 am in morning counting started.Thank god we were able to handle that much pressure and excessive influx of energetic couples.

I would like to share some snaps that i have taken by my mobile( Please no comment on quality of pics. :P).

Fist of all my Team 

While counting was going on ...

Outside view:

Flower Shower 

Now some personal moments:-

Mr Alpesh Patel with his wife

Of course..... it me Dear

Mr V. K. Mehta

Extra Innings:-

Madam Lucia Guinness World Record Body.Below is her Speech in event

For more information keep visiting (as usual.;))

Thanks you


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